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Helping you to be the best Dad you can be for your kids

What is ‘Game On’?

A parenting course just for Dads. Developed over 13 years ago here in Dunedin by us, this course helps Dads to be the best Dad they can be for their kids. It explores what we want from our kids and how what we do makes all the difference. On this website we continue that development and provide information and ideas to bring into your family life. Sometimes you may just need some ideas for the weekend, sometimes you may need to ask yourself some deeper questions – all of which we will provide the opportunity for you to explore. Check out what others have said, and make up your own mind.

“A different outlook on life, with different skills on how to deal with situations.”

“I changed a lot, I have goals and motivations now.”

“I listen more, and get angry less.”

“Stopped yelling at my kids. They are listening more. Getting on better.”

“Kids seem more open towards me. More hugs from them and wanting to spend more time with me.”

“I have learnt aspects about being a father that I hadn’t previously considered, with ideas I can work on and think about. I look forward to putting it all into practice.”


Learning new strategies to raise great kids

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New activities uploaded weekly & new blogs and videos published  fortnightly

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The purpose of Game On-line is to provide some ideas and insight for fathers to better engage with their kids. Our fortnightly blog is written to encourage thinking about our role as a father, while giving the chance for ideas and creative pursuits to help us connect with our kids.

Be inspired, try new things, be active, be loving, and do all of this alongside your children.


Dads involved every year!