The Tree That Grows Lollies

The Tree That Grows Lollies

Cost: approx. $5

Age: 3 years – 10 years

Set up time: 30 min

Activity time: 2 hours


  • 1x stapler
  • 1x bag of lollies (individually wrapped like Macintoshes)

Any activity with your kids will start well if you can spin a good yarn! So this activity allows for you to develop a story as to why there is a magical tree that grows lollies.

Part 1:
Essentially you will need to scope out an accessible patch of bush, around the town belt, or near a reserve where you can find a likely tree and staple a bag full of lollies to the trunk and various branches. Alternatively if you have more of a creative flair you could use string or fishing line and tie each lollie so it hangs off the tree. Either way will work fine.

Part 2:
Get your kids together and explain to them that you have heard a story about a tree that grows lollies and that someone at the dairy said that they hope no-one finds it. Take your kids out, search for the tree, pillage the lollies, eat the lollies. Go tell mum.
Goal: Essentially you are recreating the family walk by getting your kids out walking and searching through the bush. Sometimes you need some extra excitement or mystery to encourage your kids to do this.
Remember that kids often have a quick imagination and that it’s important we encourage this, as conceptual thinking and conceptual play are an enormously significant part of brain development.

Don’t rush the walk, or give them too many clues where the tree is. Take your time, enjoy the conversations, let your kids lead the hunt!