How to make a newspaper javelin

How To Make A Newspaper Javelin

Cost: approx. $5

Age: 3 years – 10 years

Set up time: 15 min

Activity time: 45 min


  • 1 x newspaper
  • 1 x cellotape

Rainy days don’t have to be boring or expensive! Grab a paper and some cellotape from the dairy or warehouse for a couple of bucks. If you have this stuff lying around the house its 100% free, plus once you have build your arsenal of javelins there are a dozen ways you can re-use them for more fun with the kids

Part 1:
Just to be clear, a javelin is a long, thin throwing spear. The newspaper version is not meant to be used as a weapon but rather something you can get some solid distance when you throw it. 

So, find a double sheet of newspaper (with a fold through the middle) and make sure that it hasn’t been ripped or crumpled up too much. Help you kids select one then lie them on a flat surface like a table or kitchen floor. 

Part 2:
Get the roll tight. There is some technique to this, and you’ll need to angle the direction of the roll diagonal across the open paper. rub the edge so it rolls really tight and then follow the roll all the way across, keeping firm pressure on the rolled paper so it doesn’t slip. 

Part 3:
Once you get the entire way across the sheet of paper, use some cellotape to stick the edge down. You can attach some cardboard wings at one end, and a small piece of blue tack to the other end so the nose end dives when you throw it. Check out the video for more details!


The game may end quickly or you may get into a prolonged competition but regardless try use the newspaper javelins for other fun, like dress ups, or stick them to the edge of a drawing to make a photo frame or strap a few of them together and use a ball of paper to play hallway hockey.


Be patient and let your kids do it themselves. If you step in and do it for them too quickly they’ll lose the chance to learn a new skill. Even if they don’t do it perfectly they’ll be stoked with their very own homemade javelin if you tell them how good you think it is!